A Greener Christmas – Gift Environmentally

Here are a few simple ways to help make Christmas more environmentally friendly and show “Goodwill to our Earth”

Gift Environmentally

  1. Green Giving – Purchase environmentally friendly gifts that support the environment. Gifts that: (a) minimize or eliminate power (electricity and battery) use; (b) have minimal or no packaging; (c) last a long time (lego set will last longer than craft supplies that get thrown out); and (d) made out of naturally made products (wooden toys as opposed to plastic);
  2. Wrapping Paper – Reduce the amount of paper used for wrapping gifts by wrapping gifts in a bag, a scarf, the Sunday comics, a holiday towel or reusing gift bags or boxes.
  3. Charity Gifts – Support a local charity in someone else’s name and give that as a gift this holiday season.
  4. Gift environmentally – There are many organizations, like the David Suzuki Foundation, that work hard on environmental issues on our behalf.  Your financial support will ensure they keep going for the benefit of us all. Find out more by visiting www.davidsuzuki.org and clicking on “Donate Now!”
Originally posted in the Airdrie Echo December 12, 2007

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