Make it a Green Christmas

Each year there are millions of Christmas greeting cards sent. These cards use many tons of cardboard and paper and only some of them will be recycled. Let’s choose an alternative way to send out Christmas greetings.

Here are a few ideas to consider:

  • choose recycled paper Christmas cards
  • use recovered-fibre envelopes and labels for the cards
  • try environmentally friendly packaging
  • pick a printing company which uses soy ink printing and emission free mills powered by wind power
  • plant a tree as a way to help rebuild the forests
  • send an electronic Christmas card instead

While the electronic Christmas card may not be as exciting as getting an envelope in the mail, it really is helping our planet. It has been our preferred choice and will be again this year.

Enjoy your Green Christmas!

A Greener Christmas – Clean Up Environmentally

Once the gifts are opened and the turkey dinner finished, there are a few simple ways to help make Christmas more environmentally friendly and show “Goodwill to our Earth” after the festivities are over:

  1. Recycle wrapping – Be sure to recycle all wrapping paper, cardboard and cards. Keep anything that can be reused for next year.
  2. Recycle your tree – If you purchase a real Christmas tree this season, be sure to counter the effects of cutting down a tree by recycling it after the holidays. Consider buying a living tree and planting it in your garden in the spring.
  3. Environmentally friendly resolution – This New Year, resolve to find ways to reduce your carbon foot print throughout the New Year.
Originally posted in the Airdrie Echo December 12, 2007
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