Goal of Being Grateful

Last day of 2021. I woke up this morning so incredibly grateful for this past year for all I learned.

I learned that I don’t necessarily need a gym to workout. I walked 965km, learned Tai Chi, practiced yoga and lifted weights weekly. 🧘🏼

I learned that we don’t need to (and more importantly shouldn’t) wait for the government to do “something” about injustices in our country by starting the Circle for Indigenous Relations, Airdrie & Area with others, meeting and working with absolutely incredible people, Indigenous and non-Indigenous. 🪶🙏🏼

I learned to appreciate nature even more by going out and listening to the wind, the trees and the birds every day. 🌳

I learned to embrace being an introvert and not feel guilty about how much I enjoy my own company and being quiet. ☺️

I learned just how valuable family and friends are and that phone or video conversation can be just as good as in-person if you accept it. 💞

While visiting my son and his girlfriend in Nova Scotia this past year, I learned just how much my son has grown into a kind, loving and independent man and how richer my life is being Mom 2.0 to his partner. 👩‍❤️‍👨

I learned how much in love I am with the man I married 20 years ago and how good life is with him. 💕

Thank you 2021 and welcome 2022. My goal is simply to remember this and to be grateful every single day. 💖

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