Mother’s Love

As a mom, I watched my young son go through all the trials and tribulations of a child’s life. I looked for ways to encourage him, boost his self esteem and give hope when life seemed difficult.

I found a well timed message of love helped get him through even the toughest times. A word of encouragement provided hope and a sense that even though life was something hard, it was still good.

On days when he was misbehaving, refusing to do a chore or his homework, a positive, gentle reminder of how much I loved his efforts worked much better than scolding or punishing. In fact, it often produced miracles, encouraging him to do even better.

The love I received in return was immense. I saw my son flourish and grow into a wonderful young man who was respectful, kind and loving.

My Child: 100 Things I Love About YouToday I announce the launch of my ebook “My Child: 100 Things I Love About You” available online at Smashwords and Amazon Kindle.

My wish is that you will use this book’s positive messages to encourage and inspire your own child and provide inspiration for even more loving thoughts. I would be delighted if you shared this with other moms.

With loving thoughts,

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