Eat Real, Eat Local, Eat Canadian

Hellmann’s recently created an “Eat Real, Eat Local” campaign for Canadians. They inform Canadians about food that comes from far away – how it is not as nutritionally sound than that which comes from local farmers. As well, it looks at how much of Canadian farmland is being replaced by urban sprawl – for good or bad.

Do you know where your food comes from? Get informed. Watch the video “Get the Facts” on

The company answers “Why Hellmann’s?” with the following statement:  “Hellmann’s Real Mayonnaise uses Canadian eggs and canola oil from the prairies. And we’re working on new ways to make the ingredients of many Hellmann’s products as real and natural as possible.”

Consumers can applaud a positive alliance that has been created between Hellmann’s and Evergreen ( This alliance means that Canadians are being urged and encouraged to create and/or help sustain healthy urban land areas. From increasing the number of Farmer’s Markets to eliminating evasive species to making school yards out of natural materials instead of asphalt or concrete to turning vacant lots into parks and/or habitat spaces.

Money talks – and with an economic impact of $3.09B (yes, that’s Billion), farmers’ contribution to the Canadian economy is being recognized and supported. Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada has come on board with the buy local food stuffs campaign with support of a new national organization, Farmers’ Markets Canada, its new website

Supporting your local farmers, who in turn support their local economies, is actually good for you. Good for you applies not only to your own personal health, but also to Canada’s stewardship of our portion of Mother Earth to keep it naturally healthy – literally and figuratively. The Airdrie Farmer’s Market starts in June 2010. Find out more at

Hellmann’s tag line says it perfectly:

It’s Time to Eat Real.
It’s Time to Eat Local.

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