Smile and Say Hello

As a teenager, I was very shy. I would walk the hallways in school, eyes down, shuttling off to my classroom. While I always had one or two close friends, I was never one of the “popular” kids in school.

My older sister was the opposite. I watched how she made friends easily and was comfortable around many people.

Smile!At one point I asked her how she made friends so easily. The advice she gave me was simple and effective.

She said, “As you walk down the hall at school and see someone you know, look them in the eye, smile and say hello. Then keep that smile on your face as you continue on your way.”

It’s many years later and I am no longer the shy person I was once. The advice my sister gave me is something that stayed with me over the years and has served me well.

Give it a try throughout your day… just smile and say hello. Keep that smile as you continue on your way and see how your world changes. So simple!

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