Be Curious

I love to travel. Meeting new people, learning about their culture, eating local dishes, appreciating their music and art as well as learning a few words in their language are all part of the experience. It’s so interesting to understand how each and every culture contributes to the world.

My curiosity for learning about other cultures has been directed toward my own country the last couple of years. I have come to appreciate the incredible number of First Nations, Inuit and Metis peoples in Canada. Each community is unique in their name, language, history and culture. Each contributes to our country in different ways.

For example, do you know the amazing things the Inuit and First Nations peoples are doing for environmental sciences? Do you know about the First Nations political system which uses a circle model rather than a hierarchy model? Did you know that in many instances they’ve had much greater success when implementing their own framework for policing and rehabilitation compared to the current punishment/jail system?

Have you explored the diversity of music, art and languages that exist across our country? Have you read any books from the incredibly talented Indigenous authors? Have you taken the time to discuss philosophy or spirituality with an Indigenous person, learning about their beliefs, values and creation stories? Do you know how effective their herbal medicine and natural healing are? Have you read history from their perspective – their interesting and amazing trade routes and economic systems across North America prior to contact with Europeans?

If any of this surprises you, I encourage you to be more curious! Talk to Indigenous people in your area. Ask questions. Find out for yourself.

Today is International Day of the World’s Indigenous Peoples. Today I honor and give gratitude to the many Indigenous Peoples in our country and to those all over the world for their amazing contributions.

Thank you.

Visiting the Canadian Museum of History in Gatineau, Quebec in 2019

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  1. This writing is nothing short of both brilliant and visionary. A bright future lies ahead for those privileged to read your works.

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