Sudoku vs Me

Thinking back, as a student I was constantly learning new things. And working over the years has certainly been stimulating as well. But now that I’m slowing down in my work life, I realize that I need to stimulate the old gray matter occasionally, just to keep it sharp.

So, I decided to learn Sudoku.Confused Woman

My son and a friend showed me the basic principles and I gave it a go. It seemed easy… at first. I would get so far and then was completely baffled as to how to finish.

Others made it look so simple!

I was determined to get this so bought myself a pocket Sudoku book and started to practice.  I whizzed through the beginners section and was feeling very confident as I moved into intermediate.

Stuck again!

Ok, time for some more help. I looked up “solving tips for Sudoku” online and find a great little tips and tricks page.

Alright… I got it!

I feel good about that and the fact that I found help towards improving my mind. It’s all good, right?!

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