Going Non-toxic

I’m determined to have a chemical free yard and garden – yet I would like it to look healthy and vibrant as well. I’m always keeping an eye open for ways to accomplish this goal.

So far, here is what we’ve done at our home:

We’ve been using Nutri-lawns ecology friendly lawn care for years. They use organic based fertilizers and no synthetic pesticides. Our lawn is sprinkled with a variety of products such as seaweed/kelp and corn extracts. It works great.

One area that I’ve always struggled with is what to do with weeds and when grass grows in flowers bed. Mulch made from natural materials (leaves, straw or bark) helps control unwanted plants. So does pulling them out, if they are small and not well established. For larger weeds or those with deep roots, I’ve poured boiling water over them. That works quite well although you have to keep at it to ensure the weed doesn’t grow back.

Does anyone else have any ideas? I would love to hear what other environmentally green-thumbs do for beautiful gardens and lawns.

Originally posted in the Airdrie Echo June 6, 2007

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