Offset Emissions

Winter is here and many families will be leaving the city for warmer weather and a much needed break. One way to reduce emissions while vacationing is to offset.

A “carbon offset” is a way of reducing (offsetting) emissions by purchasing credits from another organization’s project that results in less carbon dioxide or other greenhouse gases in the atmosphere. You can buy carbon offsets for just about anything to minimize your impact on the climate.

Here’s what David Suzuki’s web site recommends:

  1. Reduce your emissions as much as possible yourself by turning down the thermostat and driving less
  2. Choose which remaining emissions you wish to offset (e.g. flight)
  3. Calculate your emissions by using an online carbon calculator
  4. Purchase the necessary offsets
  5. Review annually to find ways to reduce your emissions even more

Find more information on carbon offset visit David Suzuki’s web site at and search for “offset”.

Originally posted in the Airdrie Echo July 18, 2007

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