Reduce Idling

I was walking my dog the other day and passed someone sitting in a car. They were obviously waiting for someone because the car was still running. I didn’t think much about it until I came back from my walk 20 minutes later and the same person was in the car waiting… and the car was still running.

The next day I drove my son to the bank and turned off my car to wait while he did his banking. I was surprised to see how many other cars pulled up and left their cars running as they ran into the bank.

I can understand cars idling when the temperature is -40C otherwise they may not start again. But to do so when it’s nice outside just doesn’t make sense to me. Not when you realize the amount of exhaust if everyone is doing it.

Let’s do our part and turn off our cars when not driving. In that small way we will be doing our part for the environment and enjoying the clean air.

Originally posted in the Airdrie Echo July 25, 2007

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