Start Recycling – Paper!

Do you recycle? If not, this is a great time to get started. If you already do recycle, find one more paper product from the list below that you can add to your usual routine. Make it easy to do by placing an empty box in a convenient place (perhaps close to your garbage can) and start placing these paper products in the box.

  1. Newspaper – newspaper, non-glossy newsprint flyers, moving paper and packaging paper.
  2. Cardboard/Boxboard – corrugated cardboard and boxboard (e.g., cereal, detergent, and cracker boxes). Be sure to flatten boxes.
  3. White Office Paper – white paper, copier paper, computer paper, fax paper, lined loose leaf all with one coloured ink on white.
  4. Coloured Paper – coloured paper, soup can labels, envelopes, construction paper, sugar, flour and brown paper bags, wrapping paper, glossy junk mail, magazines, Sears catalogues.
  5. Phone books
Originally posted in the Airdrie Echo April 11, 2007

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