No More Plastic Food Wraps

I’m on a mission to eliminate single use plastic in my life. I replaced plastic water bottles with metal ones long ago. That was easily done. But what about the plastic wrap we use to store food in the fridge?

I’ve discovered a number of alternatives that work quite well.

Casserole dishes with plastic lid. While I realize it still has plastic, it’s not a single use item and can be reused over and over again. It is airtight and works well for storing raw meat as well as prepared foods and leftovers. It even works in the freezer.

Casserole dish with glass lid. These are great for food that need to be covered while cooking (and eliminates using tin foil) and also works for storing foods. It is similar to what my grandmother used to do – place food in a bowl and cover it with a plate.

Organic Reusable Food Wraps. I use the Etee Food Wraps which are made with organic cotton fabric, beeswax, coniferous tree resins, soy wax, jojoba and essential oils. They are bio-degradable, reusable and cling to bowls just like plastic wrap. They are not recommended for raw meat but they work great for everything else.

After a recent dinner party, I was grateful that I had all three solutions readily available for an easy cleanup… and no single use plastic!

Today Is The Day We Decide

There are many things I love about my husband. One of them is his constant focus on doing the right thing with regards to the environment.

We recycle and compost everything we can, as many people do. We also donate and reuse household items so as not to throw them out. If an item is no longer useable, my husband takes the time to find out how he can still recycle the materials (e.g. metal, etc.)

Just this past week our gas lawnmower, which was over 20 years old, finally gave up. After asking around my husband realized it would be just too expensive to repair and he doesn’t have the knowledge or tools to do it himself. He decided the best choice of action was to give it to someone who can repair it and buy himself a new one.

He came home with a push lawnmower.

Yes, they still make them. Good choice honey! I’m so proud of being married to someone who cares so much about our environment.

That said, we both realize that there is still much we can do to protect our beautiful world. There is much we can all do to help our environment.

Today is the day we can decide to do better.

This is the biggest thing David Suzuki has ever done. Around the world, more than 110 nations recognize the right to live in a healthy environment, but not Canada.

Together, we can change that:

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